High Beer

In addition to a comfortable overnight stay, you can also experience various interesting tastings at Anima Sarda. One of these special tastings is our exclusive Sardinian high beer!

We let you taste five beautiful local specialty beers from Sardinia. You will be informed extensively about the beers and the breweries. To complete the taste experience, various snacks are served.

As a passionate taste specialist, Jurgen is happy to take you into the world of real Sardinian beers. It is not mentioned in any travel guide, but Sardinia is known for its tastiest specialty beers. They are already doing well worldwide and that has resulted in many awards.

You will taste five delicious Sardinian specialty beers on our cozy terrace with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sardinian mountain landscape. This can take place in the evening, but can also be booked during lunch. The dishes mean that you won't leave the table without food.

The beers of Anima Sarda Bed&Wine are exclusively tasted and selected by us. All beers are brewed on the island, so you are guaranteed real Sardinian beer in your glass!

The price of a highbeer: 55,- per person
Minimum participation: 2 people

For this tasting you need to book at least one day in advance.