Bosa wine festival

The 6th edition of the Bosa Wine Festival will take place in 2023, it will take place at the end of May or the beginning of June, exact dates to follow!

The festival is dedicated to the best Sardinian wines and gastronomy, to contemporary arts, crafts and folklore.

It takes place in the beautiful medieval village of Bosa. You can taste excellent quality wines and enjoy the Sardinian gastronomic tradition.

Bosa Beer Fest

Bosa Beer Fest is a great festival dedicated to Sardinia's quality craft beers. It takes place at the end of April in Bosa, a Sardinian town rich in history and rare beauty that welcomes tens of thousands of lovers of good beer and street food for the occasion. Follow exact dates.

The Bosa Beer Fest saw the light of day in 2015 and quickly became a popular festival for Sardinian and Italian beer brewers.

Gastronomy and hospitality

In the summer months between June and September, weekly events are organized from summer carnival, fairs, music and theater to traditional folklore. Small and large villages, in old centers and by the sea, they celebrate their own festivals and traditions. All events are accompanied by the gastronomy of local dishes and wines. Food and drink connects and stands for friendship and hospitality in Sardinia.
The well-known production of Malvasia di Bosa should not be forgotten, one of the best wines in Italy, which, due to its particularity, can be drunk both young and aged. Malvasia is considered by the people living in the Planargia region as a noble and elite wine, to be reserved for special circumstances and people: it is the wine of friendship and hospitality, and it is offered to people you care about.

Carnaval di Bosa

during carnival this village is also turned upside down! The carnival, which lasts six days, is lavishly celebrated, with the main costume being that of Is Attittadorasa, in which men dress up as widows, singing dirges.

So they move through the village, occasionally holding out a doll to the watching women, asking for a little milk to keep the carnival spirit alive. Instead of milk, however, the men rather get a little Malvasia, the local wine, but the women are also not unfamiliar with a mocking speech.

All in all it is a cheerful affair, with many ironic remarks and songs in which people are not afraid to make fun of themselves and others.

It begins in February during the week of Shrovetide.

Sartiglia carnaval in Oristano

In Oristano, during the so-called Sartiglia, more than a hundred horsemen in beautiful costumes and white masks compete against each other in ring stabbing competitions, where stars must be collected. Not only does the group with the most stars win; a large collection of stars would also mean a good harvest. It takes place in February and in September.


You can read more about this special celebration on the website of Sartiglia.