at Anima Sarda you can also experience a wine tasting in addition to staying the night. We let you taste 5 beautiful Sardinian wines. We provide a detailed explanation of the wines, regions and wineries.

As a passionate specialist in Italian wine, Jurgen is happy to take you into the world of real Sardinian wines. He tells passionately about the grape varieties, wine regions and how you can best judge wine for yourself.

You will taste 5 delicious Sardinian quality wines at a large, cozy table, in the open air and, if possible, explanations in our own vineyard!

The wines of Anima Sarda Bed & Wine are exclusively selected. These wines are produced organically or biodynamically, so you are guaranteed to have real wine in your glass.

The price of a wine tasting: 55,- per person

Minimum participation: 2 people

You must make a reservation for a wine tasting, which can be done by filling in the form below, email, whatsapp or calling.

(Our wintastings are exclusive and only available to guests of our bed & wine)


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