Hiking - Il cammino torri 100

the walk of a hundred towers

Il Cammino 100 Torri, the walk of a hundred towers, is, as the name suggests, a walking route that takes you past (more than) a hundred towers, on the coast of Sardinia. It is the longest walking route in all of Italy and one of the most enchanting in Europe.

With a length of 1284 kilometers, spread over eight different routes, you can walk for weeks. The path has been running along the entire coast of Sardinia since 2013. Most hikers walk counterclockwise, but there is no official departure and arrival point; so you can choose how long you want to walk and where you start and end.

More than a hundred watchtowers

The name of this walking route is derived from the watchtowers that you encounter along the way (although in reality they are not a hundred, but a hundred and five towers). The towers were built to keep an eye on approaching enemy ships in order to properly defend the coast of Sardinia.

The first torri were built in the early Middle Ages; others were built in the early nineteenth century. Thus, a true defense system was built around the entire island, with each tower communicating with the neighborhood towers so that news could be passed on quickly.

The towers can be divided into three types. First of all, there are the Torre de Armas. These were the largest and best defended towers. Examples of these towers are the Torre Calamosca in Cagliari and the Torre Grande in Oristano.

The Senzillas were for the light defense. They mainly had an observation and first defense function. Among others, the towers of Chia, Malfatano and Canai belong to this category. The Torrezillas were the smallest towers and served almost exclusively as observation points, such as the towers of Sa Mora, Sant'Elia and Lazzaretto.

Always sea in sight

The main feature of Il Cammino 100 Torri is that the route never strays far from the sea. No stretch goes inland; you always follow the coastline. In total you will walk four hundred kilometers on the beach, six hundred kilometers on unpaved footpaths and two hundred and thirty kilometers on asphalted roads.

The tour takes you through very different environments: white beaches, challenging hilly parts, steep cliffs and dirt roads.

The entire route can be completed in forty-five to sixty days, depending on how trained you are, but the eight different routes can also easily be walked separately.

We briefly explain the two routes in our area;

Via Catalana

With its 238 kilometers, the Via Catalana is one of the longest stages of Il Cammino 100 Torri. This stage starts in Castelsardo and ends in colorful Bosa. Along the way you will pass wide beaches and medieval villages. You enjoy the view of Corsica, among others. You will also pass Alghero, a city also known as 'little Barcelona'.

Via dei Gigantic

The Via dei Giganti takes you in 138 kilometers from Bosa Marina to Torre dei Corsari. Along the way you will pass ancient cities and the archaeological site of Tharros. This stage is full of history and traces of past civilizations.


Located in the western part of the Planargia plateau, between the Gulf of Oristano and Capo Marrargiu, the village is reflected in an unblemished blue sea, with backdrops of rare beauty, charming beaches and suggestive coastal cliffs. An area made more precious by the priceless archaeological and artistic heritage of the prehistoric and fairytale domus de janas, as in the ancient and mysterious constructions of the Nuragic civilization. In Tresnuraghes, you will discover especially in the age-old charm of traditions, popular festivals, in the goodness of gastronomy and in the taste of the famous wine D.O.C. Malvasia. The area runs along the Camino 100 Towers for just over a dozen kilometers but is characterized by the presence of three towers: those of Columbargia, Ischia Ruggia and Torre Foghe.


Practical information

The best months to hike (part of) this route are May, June, September and October. Then the days are still long and the temperatures pleasant. Avoid the summer months of July and August, not only because of the warm temperatures but also because of the large crowds on the coast and elsewhere on the island.

The walk can also be made in the winter months. The temperatures in Sardinia are still pleasant enough for a long walk. Check carefully which accommodations are still open, because a number of them close in the winter.

On the website of Il Cammino 100 Torri you will find detailed information about the entire route. Here you will also find all the details of the paper walking guide, the special Cammino delle Torri app and the Passaporto del Camminatore ('hiker's passport').


Source: www.ciaotutti.nl