A magical journey with street art and modern art, traditions, Sardinian wine and culture

Our Bed&Wine is not only located in a beautiful wine region but also in an artistic region, with the paese dell'arte Tinnura in the area, known for its beautiful murals, and the artistic Bosa, a painting in itself, with the colorful houses and the castle that towers high above the town. You will also find museums, studios with beautiful works by local artists and traditional handicrafts. The Sardinians even turn their wine labels into true works of art!


We have put together an art route and city walk for our guests so that you don't miss anything. Would you like to enjoy all this beauty? Our romantic Food&Wine experience is the perfect ending to a day of looking at art.


Enjoying life is central to us. Making indelible memories is all that matters – and what better way to do that than in this inspiring setting?